Five Reasons You’re Not Seeing The Results You Want And How To Fix It

It’s the new year and you made up your mind. This is the year that you are going to get back in shape. No more excuses, such as the last couple of years. You're motivated, you're focused, and nothing can stand in the way of what you want.

That’s until three weeks later and you are doubting yourself, making excuses, feeling frustrated, and accepting that it’s just not that important to you anymore. Life finds a way to make your health take a back seat to the couch and Cheetos.

Does this sound familiar to you? How can you take back control of your health? Why does this happen all the time and how can you fix the situation?

Here are five reasons you are not seeing the results you want.

1. Need Consistency

Like anything else in life, consistency is key to making progress. A lot of Americans are very consistent at eating too many calories and not moving enough. The results being increased waist lines and being one of the most overweight and obese nations.

Consistency of these eating and moving habits has increased our risk of chronic disease. Obesity with a side of diabetes and cardiovascular disease isn’t something you should strive for. Yet, we are consistently making decisions that are leading us there.

How can you make changes in your life to not be a statistic? What will it take for you to be more consistent in making changes to be where you want to be?

2. Conflicting Information

The internet is full of people ready to tell you how to eat, when to eat, and how to exercise. The problem is there are probably 100 different methods which in the end, confuse you and it’s very frustrating. Everything you seem to try works for a while, and it never seems to last that long. What gives?

This is where education is important and learning the basic principles of your goals. Contrary to what bloggers and infomercials are telling you, there are basic principles that all diets and weight loss “experts” use. It’s not the method, it’s not the product, it’s the principles that you or the person you are seeing should teach you!

Once you educate yourself or taught on the why’s, then you will be better equipped to understand what it takes to reach your goals.

3. Un-Realistic Goal Setting

Far too often we set unrealistic goals to achieve. Lose 30 pounds in a month. Lose 10 pounds in a week. These types of goals may be reached, but what is the purpose if the method you are using is not sustainable?

Quick fixes to long term problems are not the solution. This is the equivalent of get rich quick schemes, liposuction for weight loss, or trying to run a marathon without training. Nothing is achieved sustainably without putting in the work.

Next time you set a goal, be real with yourself and make it achievable.

4. Bad Habits

We all have habits. From the moment we wake up, brush our teeth and get dressed and ready for the world. Do your habits contribute to your goals? Most likely not if you are on your third diet, third workout routine and the new supplement you are using to promise to burn all the fat.

I would suggest writing down what you consider to be bad habits that are getting in your way of reaching your goals. Everyone has different destructive habits. Until you notice them, how can you do anything about them?

5. Not Accountable

Yes, you must be accountable to yourself! Just as you are accountable to your job, your spouse, your children, and anything that is important in your life. Making exercise and behaviors that lead to your goals should be a priority. They should be scheduled into your life.

Goals shouldn’t be seen as something you could do, but something you have to do. Not something you want, but something you need. Once you change your mindset on how to be more accountable to your goals, it will make a big difference in what you are doing in your life.

As a personal trainer in mission valley and nutritionist, these are five behaviors that I feel need to be addressed to change your life. It’s not about a specific protocol or method, it’s about understanding your behavior and understanding principles. Need help to understand how exercise or what you eat can have a huge influence in your health? I’m here to help. Ask me questions and I'll answer them!