Perfect Workout For Older Adults

Tired of feeling “old” and not being able to do the activities you did in your 20’s? Want to be in better shape and feel better about your body? If you want to maintain independence, have fun, stay strong and keep moving keep reading till the end. The answer will reveal itself, but let me make the case and give examples for why you should do the perfect workout.

Meet Mark Sertich, 95 year old hockey player(at the time it was filmed). He plays hockey 3x/week and has a regimen of sit ups, push ups, and various other movements.


Meet Ernestine Shepherd, 80 years young(at the time it was filmed) enjoying bodybuilding. Started training at 71 and loving it. She walks , then runs 10 miles consistently.


Meet Neal Unger, 60 year old skateboarder(at the time it was filmed). He’s a beginning skateboarder and loves the challenge it brings.


Meet his sister, Madonna Buder, 86 years young (at the time it was filmed) who enjoys doing iron man triathlons.


To get more of their stories, I’ll let you watch the videos so I won’t take away the amazing stories and experiences of these people. Back to the perfect workout and why I used these examples. Each of these people exhibit traits that help them stay independent, strong, and mentally sharp. They move consistently, have a purpose for their chosen activity, and enjoy what they do. Those are some key traits to have for your perfect workout. That’s the secret to staying young, keep it moving and enjoy what you do!

Feeling the need to start but don’t know how? If you are looking for a coach to keep you accountable and committed, I’m here for you. If you still have more questions, I’m in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, give me a call or email me! I'm a personal trainer, and I'd love to answer any question you have about fitness and dieting.